Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CWA Hall workshops

Athol, Dawn, Gloria, Trevor, Don and Strelley

The CWA Hall workshops have been completed, the workshops provided an excellent opportunity to meet community members and listen to their stories.  Whilst the design and making of artworks for installation within the local Cemetery and Serpentine environs remained the primary focus of the workshops, all were encourage to share their knowledge and stories of Serpentine.  It was inevitable that many of the stories where to evoke nostalgic memories of a town and time that seemed less urgent and more relaxed than it appears today and whilst some stories told were whimsical others served as a poignant and timely reminder of the need to consider the sensitivities of the wider community in the design and making of the artworks.

Gloria and I introduced workshops participants to the process of hand painting bisque fired ceramic tiles with a selection of under-glazes and some great images were produced.  The collective local knowledge, history and advice demonstrated by the participants was exceptional and provided a tremendous resource base for artwork content.
 Myra, Mark, Dawn, Eric and Trevor painting tiles

Mark Warner painting a tile with underglazes