Sunday, December 6, 2009

More images of those that paint

The crew from FloeJoes

Saturday morning is a busy time and a good time to be painting

Nina painting

Cyril painting

Bradley painting

Let the paint flow free, the young crew that are painting are really enthusiastic, on Saturday mornings I spend all my time mixing colours that the painters tell me I should mix. I just go with the flow and it seems to be working out well. We even have a blue rabbit with white spots, wow!

Paint and enthusiasm combine to create?

Pricilla painting

Amber, Zac, Megan and Tayla taking a break to pose for the camera

Chris painting

Brodie, excited to be painting

Beau painting

The painting has begun!

The painting of the mural has taken off with a blast, and yes we cleaned and prepared the wall before painting.

Community workshop images

All in all the community workshops were very successful, considering past experience the level of community participation was relatively good. Several groups of committed youth regularly came along to the workshops as well as the those that dropped in for a look and stayed to produce some drawings and contribute ideas. All that attended added their thoughts on what should be included and what was important. Here are a small selection of images of those that participated.