Saturday, August 15, 2009

Carcoola Primary School student images

Caleb (year 5 student)

Monique (year 6 student)

Patrick (year 1 student)

Harmony (year 3 student)

Aleasha (year 5 student)

Connor (year 2 student)

Courtney (year 7 student)

Kelvin and Raagon (year 2 students)

Chade (year 2 student)

Tayla and Monica (year 2 students)

Dylan (year 3 student)

Carcoola Primary School design workshops

Jordan and Cameron year 3 students of Carcoola Primary School

An initial series of design workshops have been conducted with the year 1-7 students from Carcoola Primary School. During the last 2 weeks I've visited each class of students and introduced the project, what we hoped to achieve and how they could become involved. I asked all students to draw a picture or write something special about Carcoola, their school or themselves. The response has been fantastic, its very refreshing to be involved with such an enthusiastic and pleasant bunch of students.

Sure..........they are a captive school and on their best behaviour, however in my experience with them they have all shown respect and enthusiasm for the project. Quite frankly, the students generally seem delighted to be involved and keen as mustard to "actually" do some painting on the walls of the underpass. Unfortunately, only students from years 4-7 will be able to participate in the painting and only in groups of 4 or 5 at a time.

It has been very interesting to see the imagery that is produced when the students have been asked to draw or write something which they regard as special. Some of the younger students have drawn drag cars, people playing cricket whilst others have chosen to write poems or produce quite detailed drawings of the Carcoola environment.

Next week I'll return to collect all the completed images and text, I'll post a selection of the work soon. Until then check out some photos of the student workshops.